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hi there! i'm kea. philippines. I love food, dogs and cute stuffs. I reblog/post anything as long as i'm interested (can relate) in it. I'm addicted to kim jaejoong. kim hyun joong. choi dong-wook/se7en. lee min ho. jiro wang. and lastly, my all time favorite---> BIGBANG(GD. taeyang. seungri. daesung) especially T.O.P (choi seung hyun) :"">
by the way, feel free to drop by here and dont forget to FOLLOW ME (if you want to) sweetie! ^__^

I just wanna eat gallons of ice cream right now. Oh crap! I’m cravin again -_-“

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Red days - those are the ‘unlucky’ days of my life as a girl -_-

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I’m addicted to sleep and not sleeping
do you see my dilemma

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